Trying hard not to look modern

A restroom in a heritage park needs a touch of nostalgia

Rockhampton’s Heritage Village is a step back in time. With some of the 20 buildings on the 11-hectare complex dating back to the 1800s, the challenge when building a new restroom was to blend.

The Heritage Village is a popular tourist attraction that gives visitors an opportunity to experience times past, when horses were the main form of transport, and houses always had out-houses.

An on-slab steel restroom (Caretaker K9508 modified) with a curved roof and finished in Pale Eucalypt and Classic Cream proved the solution to blend effortlessly into the surroundings.

Now surrounded by Neilsen’s Buggy Works, a blacksmith and the Charles Street Fire Station, the six-cubicle restroom combines a touch of heritage flavor with modern construction techniques.

Due to its location in northern Queensland, the Caretaker is designed to C2W50 wind code, and as with all Landmark Products, was delivered on-site in kit-form, ready for assembly, complete with all fit-out items for the restrooms.

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