The Team

Senior Management

Sam Furphy

Managing Director

Chris Holly

Chief Financial Officer

Terry Van Iersel

National Sales Manager

Ileana Rodriguez

Human Resource Manager

Sarah Clark

Group Quality Assurance Manager

Project & Customer Consultants

Scott Burns

Project Consultant – QLD (Northern Region)

Paul Smith

Project Consultant - QLD (Southern Region)

Adel Young

Project Consultant - WA

Matthew Langford

Project Consultant - VIC

Andrew Borg

Project Consultant - NSW (Northern Region)

Troy Mackay

Project Consultant - NSW (Southern Region) & ACT

Fiona McMahon

Customer Experience Manager

Joanne Griffin

Customer Consultant - VIC & TAS

Anastasia Sarda

Customer Consultant VIC & TAS

Steve Kamboukos

Customer Consultant - VIC & TAS

Della Kroll

Senior Customer Consultant - QLD / SA / NZ

Macey Harradine

Senior Customer Consultant - NSW / ACT / WA

Nicole Wilson

RWA Products - SA & NT


Julie O’Brien

National Contracts and Compliance Officer



Jim Quested

Financial Accountant

Technical Team

Michael Freeman

Design & Technical Support Coordinator

Joel Rose

Group Design & Rendering Co-Ordinator

Jodie Hempsall


John Ohnsorge


Chris Zahnow

Estimator - Northern

Maira Lopes

Senior Estimator

Darrin Carr

Production Manager

Todd Huggard

Projects Manager

Jennifer Mouhli

Technical Services Co-ordinator

Jeremy Gray

Interim Production Ops and Estimating Assistant


Matthew Jennings

National Installation Manager

Rachel Moore

Operations Manager - Projects - Southern

Mick Piggott

Project Supervisor – Victoria

Matthew Spillane

Project Manager - Queensland

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