Aluminium Beach Access & Boardwalk Construction

Designed, Manufactured & Installed to Last.

Landmark Products specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing Access Structures that will last the test of time for public use in parks, beaches, wetlands and other applications along with over 30 years’ of experience delivering public infrastructure.

Our boardwalks and access structures can be constructed from wood, steel or aluminium, with the most appropriate material for each project selected based on your preference and must be suitable to the specific environment. All materials used result in high-quality and long-lasting Beach Access and Boardwalk structures.

We pride ourselves on working with you to ensure the end design meets all your requirements.

Landmark Products: The No.1 Choice for Beach Access & Boardwalk Construction

For over 30 years, Landmark Products has been improving public access through reliable timber, steel and Aluminium Beach Access and Boardwalk construction. Made possible by our expertise and experience, we pride ourselves on making access structures that fit our clients’ needs naturally in the required setting. No project is too big and we are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. As leaders in Beach Access and Boardwalk construction, we will work closely with you from design and planning all the way to installation.

Custom Made Projects

Whether it’s a beach access or a wetland boardwalk construction project, our design team will work with you to deliver a project that is designed, manufactured and installed to meet your needs. We ensure you get a boardwalk that fits all your requirements for years to come.

Quality Construction

Landmark Products only use high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques to create structures that are robust and built to last. All of our products are 100% Australian-made, designed with strong visual appeal, durability and functionality

An Experienced, In-House Team

We have a professional and experienced in-house team that undertakes all design, manufacturing and installation to ensure the end product meets all your needs. For more information and enquiries about our Beach Access and Boardwalk products, contact us today.