At Landmark Products, we pride ourselves in utilising a range of materials that supports the development of sustainable infrastructure for regional, suburban and urban design projects:


WPC is an environmentally friendly, highly durable and versatile material.  It is made from wood fibres, plastics and inorganic filler materials, although more typically it is manufactured from 50/50 blend of wood products and plastics.
The composite material, also known as eco wood, is not only low maintenance but can be made to look like wood.  WPC is a sustainable bioproduct, that can be recycled to create brand new WPC.
The composites offer better mechanical properties than traditional products, with superior rigidity and strength compared to other plastic materials.
It also has improved weather resistance and lower maintenance requirements compared to traditional timber.


At Landmark Products, we manufacture our castings using 100% Recycled Aluminium to produce high quality, long lasting and low maintenance products.  Sourced from a specialised Aluminium recycling company, they sort scrap supplied by dealers and industry to produce a large range of Aluminium Alloy ingots.  The particular alloy produced for Landmark Products is called DA601 in Australia. Recycled Aluminium uses only 5% of the energy used to create new Aluminium and emits only 5% of greenhouse gases.  It is for these reasons that approximately 75% of the Aluminium ever produced is still in use today.


At Landmark Products, we utilise environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced, harvested and manufactured FSC certified timber from around Australia and New Zealand.

FSC certification confirms the wood is harvested from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable forests. 

  • Queensland – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Sunshine Coast and North Queensland
  • Victoria – Locally selected high end furniture timbers
  • South Australia, Tarpeena
  • Tasmania, Bells Bay
  • Western Australia – Western Australian Government managed sustainable forests
  • New Zealand – Blenheim, Marlborough Region

All timber used in our products meet specific Australian standards and building codes.

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BlueScope’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) respond to market demands for credible, product-specific environmental information from building owners, architects, design engineers and sustainability specialists who are at the forefront of developing a better built environment for Australia.  Visit for more information.


Our Solar Lighting Kits are an environmentally friendly solution for new and existing shelters. The Kit consists of a 65W N-mono-crystalline military grade solar panel, an integrated 365 Grade Stainless Steel battery and charging unit with LED lighting, a connection cable and a mounting bracket. The cable connects the solar panel to the integrated battery, charging and lighting system which powers the unit, eliminating the need for electrical connections or ongoing power to site.

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