Product Innovation & Development

Design is at the heart of what we do. Ideas start as concepts, before they’re brought to life by our talented in-house design and drafting team.

Whether it’s a new product for market, an addition to an existing range, the provision of technical services or modifying requirements to a standard product, our specialists are on hand to bring our client’s visions to reality. Whatever the size and scale of the project, our aim is ensuring we develop the best solution for our client’s and exceed their expectations.

Take a look at some of our recent products and projects.

Our Team and Experience

Led by our Technical Services Manager, our design team consists of two tiers. Our New Product Developers are continuously designing and developing new products for market as part of our new product development process. And our Drafting Department also provide a complete kit-form drafting solution for all of our modified and custom projects.

We understand the different environments and vast locations in Australia, and the challenges they present. Whether it’s rain, high wind, the blistering sun, the sea, or a high or low trafficked area, we deliver meticulous and practical designs for our clients factoring in the location and environmental conditions.

Our Drafting Capabilities

Our in-house design team can provide high-end 3D renders and animations to create a realistic visual representation for clients before manufacturing begins.

We provide:

  • Engineering certified Building Approval (BA) Drawings
  • Development Application (DA) Drawings


We’re continuously striving to be more sustainable across our operations, with the materials we choose and the products we create, as well as minimising our disruption in the environments and locations we work in.

Many of our products are manufactured using recycled plastic, wood and aluminium, or sustainably sourced materials such as timber. And our team is incorporating solar lighting and solar power generation in their designs, too.

All our structures are pre-fabricated for easy delivery and installation, which reduces our impact on the environment and the community.

Future Scope

Speak to our team about your next project or to find out more about our design and drafting services. One of the biggest opportunities for our team, is to seek ways to integrate emerging technology into the manufacturing of our products to provide a better customer solution. We recently expanded our range to include lighting solutions to create better lit, safer communal environments.

Speak to our team about your next project or to find out more about our design and drafting services.


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