Furphy Barbecues. Engineered for Community & Public Use.

The Furphy Foundry range of barbecues - from the frame to hot plate - sizzle with durability, efficiency, easy cleaning, low maintenance and, importantly, a great feed in the park!

Furphy Barbecues are engineered from the ground up for public use and designed specifically for our unique Australian environment. Functional and durable, they’re built with the toughness to withstand the rigours of public life. 

The hallmark of the patented Intuitive Cooking Control used in Furphy Barbecues has among the fastest heat-up times and temperature consistencies on the market, ensuring food is cooked properly.

We have a range of aluminium and stainless-steel barbecues available as well as custom options for unique environments, which are available in both single and double configurations.

We also offer models providing full wheelchair accessibility with large radial space underneath the bench.

Contact us today to discuss how we can create a solution to fit your requirements.