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Public Restroom Manufacturers in Australia

Landmark Products are leaders in Public Restroom construction, providing total project solutions that address all design and regulatory requirements. We design our prefabricated public toilets with functionality, accessibility and ease of use in mind. They work well for all types of outdoor areas, be it a neighbourhood park, a playground or any urban space.

As leading public toilet manufacturers, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, bespoke services to all our clients. From design and planning to delivery and installation, we work closely with you to meet all your requirements. With over 30 years’ experience delivering community infrastructure around Australia, Landmark Products is the ideal partner for the design, manufacture and installation of Public Restrooms for Australian communities.

Browse through our range of prefabricated public toilets. You’re sure to find robust Public Restrooms with visually appealing designs to suit your outdoor space.

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Landmark Products: The No.1 Choice for Public Restroom Construction

Landmark Products designs, manufactures and installs prefabricated public toilets for more functional open spaces. With over 30 years of experience in Public Restroom construction, our team of highly skilful specialists in public use infrastructure are continuously committed to exceeding client and community expectations.

From design to manufacturing and installation, our public toilet manufacturers will work closely with you to deliver a total project solution. Whether you need Public Restrooms for a small one-time project or for large-scale, custom-built urban projects – Landmark is the ideal reliable partner for your Public Restroom construction.

A Dedicated Team

Each project will be handled by our experienced team of public toilet manufacturers. Landmark Products is one of the few companies in Australia that provide a full-service offering from design through to manufacturing and installation. You will have full transparency of the project’s progress — from design specification to planning and production. We treat each project with maximum care and focus. Detailed layouts will be issued for approval before we commence Public Restroom construction. As we have close control over production, this minimises delays and allows flexibility in completion schedules.

Unmatched Quality

Our strong reputation comes from the quality of our prefabricated public toilets and our expertise in Public Restroom construction. Our diverse range of Public Restrooms are made with tough and long-lasting materials – designed with a clean and stylish look to complement any outdoor area. For more information and enquiries about our Public Restroom construction, contact us today.