Rad shelters suit Australia’s biggest pump track

While many people may not be acquainted with a “pump track”, one look at the facility built by Gladstone Regional Council will convince you its an amazingly fun venue for young people.

With all its loops, banks, the blacktop is claimed to be Australia’s largest asphalt pump track, and was announced as winner of the “Playspace Award” by the Queensland Parks and Leisure Association (for facilities costing less than $500,000).

When it came to providing shelter from the sun for bike riders, skateboarders and scooter riders, the location demanded something a little bit “rad”, which Landmark delivered in the shape of two custom designed shelters.

Each is 4m x 4m, consisting of two triangular roofs, falling in opposite direction at 90 degrees to each other.

The bolt-down posts protrude through the roof line, and are finished in distinctive two-pack colours of Grey Satin and Alphatec Flame Red.

The shelters are designed and engineered to comply with W60 wind code.

Landmark designed, manufactured and installed both shelters, which now provide shade for aluminium seating, often occupied by parents marvelling (and cringing) at their children’s stunts.

The entire facility was officially opened in December 2017, including demonstrations by world class BMX riders.

Watch Construction of Gladstone’s Pump Track

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