Furphy Barbecues. Engineered for Public Use.

Designed specifically for our unique Australian environment and are built with the toughness needed to withstand the rigours of public life. Each unit has built-in features that ensure minimal cleaning time and maintenance costs. Our barbecues sizzle with durability. Upgrade an open space today with a high-efficiency BBQ that facilitates quality community events.

Functionality and durability are ensured with a Furphy electric barbecue. Our market-leading products are created with careful consideration of public standards and accessibility. We have a range of aluminium and stainless steel barbecues for sale as well as custom options for unique environments.

Our appliances are Australian made for Australian open spaces. Each Furphy electric BBQ is adaptable and can work in any location. Contact us today to discuss the environmental factors in your region and how we can create a solution to fit your requirements. From coastal community lookouts to central Australian rest stops, Furphy Foundry has a barbecue to suit your park and recreational area.