Eureka Modular Restroom by Landmark Products

Customer: City of Geelong, VIC
Designer: Landmark Products
Product: A Eureka Modular Restroom
Location: Anchoridge Park, Armstrong Creek, VIC


Anchoridge Estate is an idyllic, family-friendly community in close proximity to the Geelong region and the coast.  

Anchoridge Park is located within the estate and features a children’s activity playground, a sports and recreation ground, and community facilities with barbecues and seating.


Landmark Products designed, manufactured and installed the Eureka Modular Restroom in Anchoridge Park, which was handed over to the City of Geelong in November 2021.


This was the first Eureka Modular Restroom designed, manufactured and installed in Victoria.

Eureka Modular Restrooms are constructed in Landmark Products’ factory and then transported to site completed, providing a shorter time for assembly and installation.

Landmark Products’ specialist installation team managed the permit process, transportation, installation and commissioning of the restroom.

Restroom features

  • Two unisex toilets
  • A baby change table
  • A large, secure service duct 
  • Suitable for wheelchair and disability access
  • Stainless steel shelving and handwashing facilities

Material features

  • External aluminium weatherboard cladding
  • Aluminium composite internal wall cladding
  • Cooldek roofing with polycarbonate skylight
  • Stainless steel-clad doors

All materials provide durability in a harsh, coastal environment.


“There was a great deal of excitement about this project given it was the first Eureka Modular Restroom we designed, manufactured and installed in Victoria. From a logistical point of view it was incredibly challenging as it was manufactured and delivered during the state’s COVID lockdowns. Despite the complexities, we’re incredibly pleased to provide this for the local community. It’s durable, contemporary and complements the park’s surroundings.”

– Landmark Products Project Consultant – VIC, Matthew Langford.


Landmark is one of the only companies in Australia that offers a full-service package, from design and manufacture to delivery and installation. Its products have an extended structural warranty for 20 years if installed by Landmark, giving you peace of mind when you purchase with us.

Landmark understands the demands placed on public-use products and has thus designed and constructed solutions that are built for long-life from quality materials. Landmark has Australia’s largest range of standard open space structures and park furniture, available for almost every specification. Each product is engineered and manufactured to suit individual site specifications that match the location, environment, application and budget.

Landmark is renowned for its prompt and effective service, from the first enquiry right through to project completion. The customer service staff and project consultants are experts in their field and will guide you step-by-step throughout the process.

Landmark structures arrive flat-packed and ready to be assembled with no onsite fabrication needed. Kit-form structures greatly minimise the waste, noise and public and environmental disturbance to the area, and are much quicker to install.

Landmark Products offer two levels of limited structural warranty on its products:

  1. Landmark’s 10-year warranty applies to restrooms/shelters supplied by the company but installed by others
  2. Landmarks 20-year warranty applies to restrooms/shelters that are supplied by Landmark and installed by Landmark, or a Landmark-approved installation company

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