Designer shelters that sell

Attractive parks are 24/7 salesmen for developers


If today’s community parks are like the silent 24/7 salesman for new developments, then Landmark’s designer shelter range are the billboard.

Verona Parklands in Redbank Queensland installed two of Landmark’s designer cantilever shelters as part of the $850,000 “mega park” in the heart of the 234-lot estate.

There is over 2.5 hectares of open green space in Verona, and the cantilever shelters are the first of their type to be installed in Queensland. The “mega park” – a huge shaded adventure playground – was officially opened in September and is proving to be a major selling point for the development.

The striking design of the Landmark cantilever shelters provides maximum access and views. The roof of the designer sheltered is braced by two hot-dipped galvanised iron rods, and the structures, installed by Landmark Installations, are anchored inground to the slab.

Landmark’ design team drafted modifications to both shelters to meet Ipswich City Council’s overall height clearance requirements of 2.9 metres.

Shelter roof areas for each shelter are 8m x 6m and 4.7m x 4.3m respectively, and to add additional appeal to the park, Landmark also provided a stunning stainless-steel Foreshore Drinking Fountain with a dog bowl.

Open space areas such as Verona’s “mega park” are often the catalyst for potential buyers, particularly those with young families, to make that decision to buy, buy, buy a block.

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