Coastal Skillion Restroom by Landmark Products

Customer: Melton City Council, VIC
Designer: Landmark Products
Product: A Coastal Skillion Restroom
Location: Tenterfield Park, Burnside Heights, VIC


The City of Melton had a population of 162,118 residents in January 2019 and a projected population of 477,900 residents by 2051. 

Tenterfield Park in Burnside Heights is a local park in the City of Melton which is approximately seven hectares in size. It is heavily utilised by the community and features extensive walking routes, a central lake and children’s playground.  There were no public facilities in the park to accommodate the high levels of public use.


Landmark Products supplied and installed a range of open space structures and furniture as part of the Hannah Watts Park upgrade in Melton in 2019, including the Coastal Skillion Restroom.

The Coastal Skillion Restroom was identified as the required facility for Tenterfield Park and Landmark Products was declared the successful tender of the project in 2019.

The project was designed, manufactured, and installed by Landmark Products and handed over to Melton City Council in March 2022.


The project was complex from an engineering, environmental and cultural perspective.

Sewer run connection challenges:

  • The development was within a legislated area of cultural heritage sensitivity and the wetlands nearby provided suitable breeding and refuge for an endangered frog species
  • Excavation works included open trenching and drilling along a 180-metre stretch to install a pipeline connecting the sewer line near the wetlands to the restroom
  • Specific conditions had to be followed during this work to ensure the frog habitat and Aboriginal artefacts in the area were protected
  • The open trenches had to be backfilled in 10 metre intervals to provide temporary escape ramps for any fauna which fell in
  • Checks for trapped fauna needed to be made by an authorised fauna handler at each interval

Installation features

  • Delivered in pre-kit form providing a shorter installation and completion time

Restroom features

  • Two accessible unisex toilets
  • A baby change table and handwashing facilities
  • A large, secure service duct protecting all toilet facilities
  • Suitable for wheelchair access and for people with disabilities
  • Coat hooks and stainless-steel shelving for belongings
  • Landscaping work including plants and turf

Material features

  • Colorbond Custom Orb external and internal cladding on timber wall frames and roof sheeting over the cubicles provides longevity in all Australian environments
  • Webglas sheeting over cubicles
  • Colorbond Clad door
  • Hardwood timber posts and battens provide strength and durability
  • Anti-vandal bolts for to prevent theft or tampering


“This has been one of the most complex projects Landmark Products has undertaken from an engineering and environmental point of view. We are very pleased to have completed this project for the local community regardless of the complexities Landmark Products and Melton City Council faced during the delivery.”

Landmark Products Operations Manager VIC-TAS, Rachel Moore.


Landmark is one of the only companies in Australia that offers a full-service package, from design and manufacture to delivery and installation. Its products have an extended structural warranty for 20 years if installed by Landmark, giving you peace of mind when you purchase with us.

Landmark understands the demands placed on public-use products and has thus designed and constructed solutions that are built for long-life from quality materials. Landmark has Australia’s largest range of standard open space structures and park furniture, available for almost every specification. Each product is engineered and manufactured to suit individual site specifications that match the location, environment, application and budget.

Landmark is renowned for its prompt and effective service, from the first enquiry right through to project completion. The customer service staff and project consultants are experts in their field and will guide you step-by-step throughout the process.

Landmark structures arrive flat-packed and ready to be assembled with no onsite fabrication needed. Kit-form structures greatly minimise the waste, noise and public and environmental disturbance to the area, and are much quicker to install.

Landmark Products offer two levels of limited structural warranty on its products:

  1. Landmark’s 10-year warranty applies to restrooms/shelters supplied by the company but installed by others
  2. Landmarks 20-year warranty applies to restrooms/shelters that are supplied by Landmark and installed by Landmark, or a Landmark-approved installation company

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