Product Launch – Eureka Modular Restroom Series

Landmark Products is excited to launch the New Eureka Modular Restroom Series.  As Australia’s leading provider of pre-fabricated Restrooms, the new modular “Eureka series” incorporates more than 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing restrooms – specifically for Australia’s diverse environment and includes the following features and benefits:


  • Contemporary Designs
    – Blend into all open space environments
    – Series includes 1D, 1D1C and 1D2C in order to meet your specific community needs
      D = Large cubicle for people with disabilities
      C = Standard cubicle size
  • Made with Quality Materials and Finishes
    – 100% Australian Made
    – Withstand public use in all Australian environments
  • Warranty Available
    – 10 year supply only
    – 20 year supply and installation
  • National Installation Service
  • Full Site Specific Engineering Certification (All Structures)
  • Wind Classification of C2 (Cyclonic Regions)



  • Time
    – On average, a modular building is constructed 50% faster than one using traditional methods
    – Delivered using direct haul from factory, non-stop transport to site – reducing risk of damage
  • Relocatable
    – Ability to lift out modular buildings and re-use in other locations
  • Testing & Commissioning
    – Performed by highly skilled personnel, any potential faults are identified prior to site delivery
  • Budget
    – Modular buildings can be more affordable than site-built buildings
    – Shorter build time tends to mean significant cost savings
    – There are decreased obstructions in the process of waiting for materials
  • Weather
    – As the major parts of construction are carried out in a factory, the risk of being rained off is reduced with modular builds
    – Vandalism presents to be far less of a problem as a result Health, Safety & Quality
    – Factory conditions allow for far greater control and improvement of health, safety and quality compared with the traditional building site
  • Environmentally Friendly
    – Modular builds demonstrate a higher energy-efficiency and creates less waste
    – Reduction in the carbon footprint of the build as fewer people are travelling to and from the site
  • Reduced Community Disruption
    – Modular builds create less noise, traffic, mess and disruption for the local community



Does Modular Construction use inferior materials?

No.  All the same materials, fixtures and fittings that are used in traditional construction are also used in modular construction.  We use a range of leading brands in the construction of our buildings and are proud of the quality that comes with Landmark Products.

How does Modular Construction work?

Modular building uses Landmark Products’ state of the art, purpose-built factories to complete much of the construction task in a production line environment.  Skilled tradespeople work as a team to deliver a high quality, reliable and consistent building, that is then tested and transported to site.  Assembly on-site is a relatively quick and easy process, as the building is completed and any
services (e.g. electricity, water and the like) are connected and tested.

How is Modular Construction faster than traditional construction?

With much of the building work taking place off-site in purpose-built factories, delays due to adverse weather are all but eliminated.  Also, time spent on-site is significantly reduced.  Depending on the complexity of the site and design, the on-site time could be as little as 2-4 days!


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