Pain relief for installation headaches

Offering a full product service for open space installations

At any given time, Landmark Installations are constructing well over $1 million worth of public infrastructure projects around the country, often up to 40 at once.

Projects range from a large restroom facility to the installation of custom park benches, or a combination of several facilities or pieces of park furniture at once.

Such a broad range of projects, across such a broad geographical reach, demands high level project management and coordination.

Not only is expertise in construction required, but also an understanding of the legal framework, and how it is applied to public infrastructure projects, which is often the biggest headache.

Matthew Jennings, Landmark’s National Installation Manager, said that understanding how to quickly navigate through compliance requirements can save many hours of frustration, and shave days off project schedules.

Landmark Installation offer managing the all-important building permit approval process as part of their service.

“For some of our customers, the approval process is just another layer to a project, and another headache, particularly if they have no experience in the area,” said Matthew.

“We’ve been through the process hundreds of times, and know the differences between each Australian state.

“For example, in Victoria, all building permits must be submitted to a third-party building surveyor, so typically we coordinate approvals between councils or their contracts, and the surveyors, and I know that our customers appreciate this added extra we offer.

“In other states, councils typically can undertake the approvals in-house.”

The entire process of submitting documentation for building permits can take up to eight hours, which are then assessed and eventually returned with approval documentation.

Building surveys will typically conduct two inspections – upon the completion of the footings and of the entire project.

The kit-form design of Landmark’s Products is unique in the marketplace, so therefore, Landmark Installations only engages installers with the appropriate experience.

“Many of our installers have been with us for over 10 years, and know our products inside-and-out,” said Matthew.

“There are always some adjustments to make due to site specific factors, but because many of the products we sell are standard, our installers know exactly what to expect. It’s the benefit of being both manufacturer and installer.

“It means quicker installs and less disruptions, and being kit-form and delivered ready-to-assembly, less waste, and less noise from power tools.”

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