Five reasons why Landmark is a good sport (shelter)

Landmark’s sporting shelters/change rooms offer flexible solutions

To make the great outdoors more appealing, sometimes you must have a great indoors.

This is the case for sporting clubs and fields.

Nothing adds to the appeal of playing an outdoor sport more than a quality facility to gather before or after the game.

What sets Landmark Products’ architecturally designed sporting facilities apart is their cost effectiveness, and availability in kit form for quick and easy installation. Here’s five reasons you need to carefully consider Landmark Products before renovating or building a new sporting facility:

  1. Choice. Landmark’s range of sporting facilities includes three standard designs – each of which can be modified to suit the needs of a club, including any site requirements. You can also choose between combinations of materials, colours, finishes and fittings, for example, either steel or timber posts and frames.
  2. Quality. All components and hardware is precision manufactured, including pre-cut roofing, coming with an engineer certificate and 10-year structural warranty.
  3. We think of everyone. Yes, there’s even a room for referees/umpires, very important people in every sport. In many sporting facilities, there is no specified room for umpires who need to prepare before and shower after games.
  4. Natural lighting. Our restrooms are built with ventilation screens at the top of the walls, which not allow a flow of fresh air, but also natural lighting.
  5. Crime prevention. With many club houses often unattended for the majority of the time, for some clubs, vandalism presents a major concern. Through applying their proprietary, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles (CPTED), Landmark reduces the risk of vandalism and crime in and around their sporting facilities.

A great sporting quote is: “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” – which perfectly sums up Landmark Products’ sporting facilities range.


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