Meeting the challenge of female football’s popularity

On-slab female-friendly change rooms

It’s no secret that female football is increasing in popularity. In Victoria alone, there were over 300 new female teams this year, many in regional areas. More are expected next year.

While sports like soccer and hockey have catered for male and female players for many years, this is a new challenge for AFL, rugby league and rugby union clubs.

Landmark has stepped forward to meet this challenge with a new range of female-friendly on-slab sports facilities.

These facilities, that can be delivered in kit-form on-site, are affordable and adaptable unisex change room facilities that cater for the needs of sporting men and women.

They are ideally suited to clubs in regional areas, or for clubs that have an existing brick/mortar club house, but need an additional change facility on secondary ovals.

The facilities are designed for greater privacy before and after the game, with enclosed shower cubicles away from the change rooms. There are two or four change room options, and all come with umpires/referees change rooms and showers.

The facilities come complete with a service duct for easy maintenance of toilet facilities and showers and all components and hardware are precision manufactured. The facilities can be built by local contractors, or Landmark Installations.

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