Find the solution – whatever your communication preference

Multiple products. Multiple ways of choosing.

Three new developments from Landmark put the power into our customers hands when it comes to choosing products.

  1. New website. If you are reading this, you are already here. Among many new features, our new website features a “request to quote” cart which allows you to easily gather any number of Landmark products together in your online “cart” and send to our customer service team. You will then receive a courtesy phone call before a quote will be prepared.
  2. New catalogue. Our attractive new 156-page ring-bound catalogue contains comprehensive information about every product sold by Landmark and is the ideal companion for your desk, and for those who prefer the tangible over the virtual. To order a copy, ask your Landmark Project Consultant. The full online PDF version of the catalogue is also available here, as well as individual project catalogues.
  3. Landmark Custom Atlas. If a shelter, restroom or other Landmark Product in the catalogue doesn’t meet your specific need, ask your Project Consultant about the Landmark Atlas, a comprehensive directory of pre-engineered, completed modified and custom designs. All our Project Consultants have this Atlas available on their Landmark tablet. There are literally hundreds of designs, ready to go. Why not ask for an appointment with a Landmark Project Consultant in your state?

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