Female Friendly Sports Facilities by Landmark Products – Part 2

Landmark Products designed / manufactured / installed a modified K8105 Sports & Recreation Female Friendly Facility that can cater for multiple teams of both genders during competition and training.  The order came directly from Gympie Regional Council as part of a 2 stage project (this is the second stage) and we worked with numerous departments in order to provide a total solution that suited council’s requirements.

Exterior of the modified K8105 Sports and Recreation Facility

The modified K8105 Sports & Recreation Female Friendly Facility includes:

  • Design and drafting service
  • Prefabricated and kit form engineered solution
  • 23.0m x 10m on-slab amenity
  • Installation and project management service

Interior of the modified K8105 Sports and Recreation Facility

Landmark’s design team worked with council to deliver a building design to withstand and respond to periodic flooding including:

  • Durable materials
  • Fast and effective post flood clean-up
  • Flood water escape
  • Removable hydraulic services and hot water system at short notice

Shower and Toilet areas of the Female Friendly Sports Facility

Features & Benefits

  • External Custom Orb cladding (vertical) to assist with draining of flood water
  • Internal Maxirib cladding (vertical) but much flatter profile compared to Custom Orb
  • Compressed Fibre Cement (CFC) panels within the shower/toilet areas are matched with corresponding colour schemes for all change rooms
  • Slab was stepped up by 100mm so the outside cladding could run past the step so there wasn’t a visual “gap” under the walls
  • If a Q100 flood (probability of worst flood in 100 years) hits that area, the flood will be 7.5m above the slab line – wall frames allow water to escape
  • Internal roller doors for converting the 4 change rooms into 2 for large teams
  • Focus on privacy – including private showers in order to deliver the capacity required for clubs and other organisations in order to welcome teams of all genders

Exterior Finish of Female Friendly Sports Facilities

  • 2x Custom Hardwood Feature Batten panels (vertical) outside entry to each change room – Gympie Regional Council required them to be able to be removed and cleaned after a flood (one complete panel would be too heavy to take down)
  • Custom Interchangeable Signage was integrated into the build as participants of different genders played at different times and people could see from a fair distance which change room was for which gender etc.
  • Virtually no timber in the build (other than Hardwood Feature Batten panels) for robustness and longevity

Signage attached to the Female-Friendly Sports Facility

K8105 Female Friendly Facility (Four Change Rooms)

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