Changing Places Facility, Rockingham City Council

Customer: City of Rockingham
Designer: Landmark Products
Product: Custom K9500 building
Location: Churchill Park, Rockingham, WA


This is a City of Rockingham’s first Changing Place which provides suitable facilities for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets. Changing Place facilities provide; a height-adjustable adult- sized change table, a constant-charging ceiling track hoist system, shower, centrally-located peninsula toilet, privacy screen and additional circulation space to meet the needs of people with complex disability and their car.

The New building colour palette must have been consistent with the existing toilet building situated right next to the Changing Places facility.


Custom K9500 building aluminium external cladding , FCB internal cladding with wall tiles, concrete reinforced tiled floor. The new toilet block encompasses a Type 2 Changing Places facility, with larger-than-standard accessible toilets, an automatic door, ceiling track hoist system and automated height-adjustable, adult-sized change table, shower to meet the needs of people of all ages with disability and their carers. The Changing Places facility fully tiled with painted plasterboard ceiling. Sewer and water connections. Electrical conduit installed with horizontal drilling between the new facility and the main switchboard in the park.

Change Facility features

  • Constant-charging ceiling track hoist system
  • Shower
  • larger-than-standard accessible toilets
  • Wheelchair and disability access
  • Height-adjustable adult- sized change table
  • Privacy screen
  • Automatic Door

Material features

  • Aluminium external cladding
  • FCB internal cladding with wall tiles
  • concrete reinforced tiled floor

All materials provide durability in a harsh, coastal environment.


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