Aura begins to glow and grow

Landmark’s Coastal restroom glowing at one of Australia’s biggest residential developments

The first sod was turned as recently as 2015, but a development north of Brisbane, is on track to become the size of Gladstone within a few years’ time.

With the catchy name, Aura, the development just south of Caloundra is expecting 50,000 residents by the time the development is complete.

Massive parks, public space, cycleways and an environmental conservation network are integral to the parks planning, and Landmark Products step forward with a bright, stylish restroom for one of the many parks.

The stand out feature of the modified Coastal restroom (K9403) are the bespoke two-pack finished doors and frames in the unique Aura brand colour of teal.

The finish of the restroom is designed to blend with the park’s custom Shelters and playground equipment, and is constructed with painted ply exterior cladding, Trimdeck roof and a custom barge and gutter solution.

The restroom includes one disabled amenity (with interior baby change table and basin), one ambulant amenity, an exterior basin, and an enclosed service duct. Landmark also completed the installation.

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