A Wetland Bird Hide by Landmark Products

Sunshine Coast City Council approached Landmark Products to manufacture and install a bird hide at Park Lakes, Bli Bli. There is a well-established wetland there and a seasoned community of birdwatchers who have been asking the council for a bird hide.

The hide gives birdwatchers a place to observe native wetland birds and animals without disturbing them or being seen.

The timber clad structure, designed and located after consultation with the community, sits within the wetlands. It features a bench and can be reached by a concrete pathway.

The birdwatching hide and path are disability compliant ensuring all ages and all abilities can enjoy this outdoor activity. Park Lakes Wetland features more than 160 different bird species recorded at the site.These include egrets, spoonbills, corellas, ducks, kites and grebes among many other birds as well as lizards and small animals.

When seeking to enrich your community through providing safe, environmentally-friendly public spaces and exceptional landscape design – Landmark Products is the clear choice.

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