When nature calls

Catering for the trail blazers in Gympie

It’s the hub for all types of nature lovers, and the Gympie Regional Council knew exactly what type of public facility the popular meeting place needed.

The Victory Heights Trail Network attracts hundreds of people each week, seeking non-motorised trail-based recreation – everything from horse-riding, cycling, walking, bird watching and jogging.

The 60-hectare area of mature eucalypt forest provides unique and accessible nature-based recreation, including nine km of sign-posted mountain biking trails and 12 km of multi-use trails. By recently acquiring an abandoned rifle range, the network is set to expend further.

Although only three kilometres from the city centre, the location where Landmark Products were asked to install a new restroom for the network is sufficiently isolated at night to require some security measures.

A defining feature of the restroom, based on Landmark’s Coastal Series, is the vertical hardwood timber battens at the front that form a lockable enclosure at the front of the facility. The gate can be locked closed or open.

The restroom is also fitted with a double solar light kit, with a light in each cubicle. Rosewood horizontal batons on the front and back of the facility offer an attractive, natural finish.

As with all Landmark Products, the entire restroom was delivered in kit-form, ensuring quick and easy installation – which was also supplied by Landmark.

Below: Landmark’s K802 double solar light kit.

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