Two Rocks community welcome long-life stairs

Aluminium structure ideal for harsh environment

All is well in the community of Two Rocks.

Once again, the locals can safely access their beautiful local beach, this time using a structure designed for long-life, and to withstand the force of nature dished up regularly by the Indian Ocean.

The aluminium access structure, complete with viewing platform, replaced a previous timber structure, damaged by severe storms last year.

The unsafe structure, built in 2002, was demolished by the council in October last year, and the wait for residents began.

After weighing up its options, and consulting with tight-knit, beach-loving community, the City of Wanneroo chose to fund the building of a new structure, close to the previous, rather than move access to a pathway 100 metres north.

Due to the nine metre drop from the top of the dune to the beach, the project presented significant challenges, overcome by the Landmark design team, in consultation with the Council.

The structure is supported by 24 piles driven into the bedrock under the sand, with the surrounding dune stabilised with Coir-Mesh matting.

With 50 rises from top to finish, the staircase also includes two landings, and the 5 x 3 metre landing at the top.

The aluminium structure is an ideal solution for beach environments, as is the FRP open-grid decking option being non-slip, virtually indestructible, and allowing water and sand to pass through continually.

Aluminium balustrades panels and handrails complete the structure, together with a custom orb roof over the landing deck.

With over 32 kilometres of beaches, Wanneroo City Council know a thing about beach access, and Two Rocks structure represents the third designed, built and installed by Landmark.

From start to finish, the structure took four weeks to install, and was warmly welcomed by a grateful community at the grand opening in February.

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