Things are heating up quickly for community barbecues

Furphy Barbecues are available exclusively through Landmark

No other piece of park furniture is tested like a barbecue.

With some barbecues being used over a thousand times a year, what are the critical factors that define the best of community barbecues? How does a barbecue withstand the rigours of park life, deliver a consistent cooking performance and remain cost effective when it comes to cleaning and maintenance?

The answer to these questions is embodied in the new range of Furphy Barbecues, engineered from the ground, piece-by-piece, from extensive research into these success factors.

Sam Furphy, CEO of Furphy Foundry, unveiled the new range of barbecues at the iconic foundry in Shepparton on Australia Day.

“We have installed our park furniture in just about every state in Australia, in just about every type of environment, and with that understanding, began the process of designing and manufacturing our barbecue,” said Mr Furphy.

“We wanted it to be an exceptional piece of sturdy engineering, and the quintessential Aussie barbie.

“So we also approached our potential customers and asked them about their frustrations with existing community barbecues. We asked them what they liked, and what improvements they’d like to see.

“The top four topics we heard time and again were the durability of materials used, the cooking performance of the hot plate, easy cleaning and maintenance and warranty and after sales service.

“That’s what we have delivered.”

All materials used in the construction of the barbecues are chosen for their durability – from the aluminium frames, to the stainless steel benches and the Colorbond sheeting used for panelling.

Tested by an independent authority accredited by NATA, the Intuitive Cooking Control use by the Furphy Barbecues delivers the fastest heat-up times and most consistent heat over time available on the market.

Furphy is also selling the hot plate separately as an option for retrofitting existing barbecues or a drop-in for custom designed barbecues.

Maintenance cost savings are potentially significant due to the unique “fat bag” installed in each Furphy Barbecue. The days of cleaners scraping out the internal waste of barbecues are gone, as the fat bag can be removed in seconds and replaced (each Furphy Barbecue comes with 50 bags).

With no entrapment points, cleaners are safe to use high pressure water guns to clean the hot plate and exterior, also a potential time saver.

Furphy backs its class-leading barbecues with a five year structural and two-year electrical warranty.

Furphy Barbecues comes in three models, each with single, double or double plate/sink options. The models are:

• Evolve: Where colour and design options are the priority
• Access: Gives full accessibility for people using wheelchairs
• Premium: For harsher corrosive environments (robust stainless steel construction).

Furphy Barbecues are exclusively marketed by Landmark Products and RWA (for South Australia only).

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