Pedestrian Safety with Superior Visual Appeal.

Furphy Foundry’s Impact and Community Protection Street Furniture is purpose designed to ensure safety for crowded places or wherever pedestrians are present near roads. This may include footpaths, pedestrian malls, busy street cafes, stadiums or at major events.

According to ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation), terrorist attack planning in Australia will probably continue to involve weapons and tactics that are low-cost and low-capability. This methodology has been used for attacks on crowded places both locally and overseas to devastating effect.

Furphy’s range of Impact and Community Protection Street Furniture can improve the resilience of crowded places, making them safer places for the community.

Combinations of our products can be used to provide security that is nonobtrusive and even useful for pedestrians, but at the same time, completely obstructive for unwanted or hostile vehicular access. Service vehicle access can be retained by use of removable bollards.