• Customer: Hutchinson Builders
  • Product: A wide variety of street and park furniture
  • Project: Toowoomba City Library
  • Location: Herries Street, Toowoomba
  • Construction: Landmark Products/Furphy Foundry
  • Installer: Hutchinson Builders
  • Ref No: 25601

The $27 million Toowoomba City Library officially opened its doors on in February 2016. Furphy Foundry park furniture, supplied by Landmark Products, are a key ingredient through the surrounding gardens and parks.


Street and Park Furniture: Furphy Foundry and Landmark Products


Toowoomba City Library, Herries Street, Toowoomba


Hutchinson Builders


The street and park furniture contributed to this facility, which was opened in February 2016 and went on to win multiple awards for design.

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