• Customer: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services / NSW Department of Public Works
  • Product: Five custom stand-alone restrooms
  • Location: Warrumbungle National Park
  • Installer: Landmark Products, 2015
  • Ref No: 26217

Overview: The Warrumbungle National Park is in country New South Wales approximately 470 kms drive west of Port Macquarie, and 24 kms west of Coonabarabran. Back in 2013 the park was ravaged by bush fires which has since become a major research and recovery program by NSW National Parks. Part of this recovery has been the installation of five (5) straight pump-out stand-alone restrooms.

Restroom design: All restrooms have two (2) unisex cubicles, one (1) accessible and one (1) ambulant. All restrooms are to NPWS specifications and includes:

  • HDG steel finished in Dulux Weathermax HBR
  • Ampelite Webglass Ice Clear roof
  • Colorbond custom orb cladding
  • SS316 3mm mesh infills
  • Sealeck ultraguard doors
  • Aluminium composite and mini orb corrugation inside lining
  • 240W photovoltaic panels


These restrooms were designed by NPWS and specified with exacting requirements.


The site is remote, with a few kilometres between each restroom, each at a separate campsite or car park.


Landmark installed all the restrooms.


Five high quality restrooms in a very popular camping spot.

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