• Customer: City of Wanneroo
  • Product: Modular Aluminium Access Structure - Albany Series
  • Project: Fisherman's Road, Yanchep
  • Location: Fisherman's Hollow, Brazier Road, Yanchep
  • Construction: Landmark Products
  • Installer: Landmark Products
  • Ref No: 28382

Fisherman’s Hollow is a popular enclosed swimming spot in the suburb of Yanchep, bordered by the beach and a 600m beach-rock reef just off shore. It is frequented by members of public, walking their dogs and fitness groups, among others.

The City of Wanneroo went to tender, seeking the upgrade of this facility. Through offering a superior product and service, Landmark secured the project, and ultimately designed, manufactured and installed a beach access structure boasting a 100-year life-span.

The beach access is now heavily used by the public, and will require far less maintenance than the previous concrete structure. It balances the practical requirements while blending seamlessly into the environment.


Landmark Products’ Design team worked with the engineers at the City of Wanneroo and their consultants to deliver on the specifications of the tender.


Beach access at the Fisherman’s Hollow site was previously via a disjointed set of concrete steps, which were susceptible to a constant build-up for wind-driven sand (from regular high winds in the afternoon) and overgrowth by shrubs.


Installation was by Landmark, and from start to finish took four weeks.


The City of Wanneroo are delighted with the end results, as are the frequent users of the staircase who access the popular protected swimming spot of Fisherman’s Hollow.

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